Welcome to the first free tutorial series on GDquest that’s dedicated to Godot! Over the course of 1h, it’ll teach you some basic concepts with the engine.

Getting started

A quick introduction to the engine and it’s python-like scripting language: GDscript.

  1. Intro to the Godot game engine
  2. Introduction to Gdscript
  3. The game art process
  4. How we designed a runner game feat. Pigdev

Let's code a simple platform game character

This chapter covers the basics of platform game movement. We’ll build it one step at a time.

  1. Bonus: How to use VSCode with Godot
  2. Horizontal platform movement
  3. Input and the Input Map
  4. How to implement a jump
  5. How to make collisions work
  6. Double jumps and flipping the character