The intro to monster design is the first free training released on GDquest. In about 40 minutes, it will run you through the thought process a game artist might follow to design monsters. It both covers the thought process behind the design of a monster and an example of monster drawing with pen, paper and Krita.

Monster design basics

In this first chapter, we explore the 2 facets of monster design for video games.

  1. Analysis - Enemies in Mario games
  2. Analysis - Creature design in Final Fantasy XIV
  3. 3 Principles of monster design

Creating our monster with Krita

Now we have some principles of design to work with, it’s time to apply them to our own creature design.

  1. The bear monster's design 1
  2. The bear monster's design 2
  3. Painting the bear monster in Krita
  4. Painting the bear monster in Krita part 2