Free Krita Tutorial For Game Artists

Course banner, game characters facing each other on a painterly background

Get the most of the course

Duration: 51 min 46 s

This is the course’s introduction. It will give you all the information you need to get the most out of this free training.

Overview of Krita

Duration: 47 min 45 s

This tutorial series will help you feel comfortable with Krita in less than 1 hour.

New features in Krita 3

Duration: 68 min 25 s

Krita 3 brought so many new features to the program, we’re going to take a whole chapter to look at them.

The 2d game asset workflow

Duration: 57 min 52 s

We’re going to talk about the few broad steps that every professional follows creating game assets: concept art, blocking, refine and polish.

Going further with Krita's toolset

Duration: 110 min 25 s

Let’s look at some more advanced tools, like filters and masks.

Animation with Krita 3

Duration: 26 min 58 s

This last chapter will get you started animating with Krita 3.