If you want to become a better 2-D game artist, this training is for you. It will teach you how to work with Krita, a mature open source digital painting program. In 6 chapters, we will explore the most important features krita has to offer to game artists.

Get the most of the course

Duration: 51 min 46 s

This is the course’s introduction. It will give you all the information you need to get the most out of this free training.

  1. Installing Krita on Windows (2 min)
  2. Troubleshooting common issues (3 min)
  3. How to take the most out of the course (5 min)
  4. Toolbox - extra resources to add to the training (5 min)
  5. Introduction to graphic tablets (4 min)
  6. How to setup a Wacom tablet for digital art (8 min)
  7. Quick look at Picasa (13 min)
  8. Quick look at Pureref (12 min)

Overview of Krita

Duration: 47 min 45 s

This tutorial series will help you feel comfortable with Krita in less than 1 hour.

  1. Quickstart guide intro (1 min)
  2. Getting to know the UI (4 min)
  3. Navigation on the canvas (3 min)
  4. Painting with the freehand brush tool (8 min)
  5. Picking colors and using the pop-up palette (4 min)
  6. An introduction to layers (6 min)
  7. Working with selections (7 min)
  8. Filling outlines and selections (5 min)
  9. Move tool and free transform (6 min)
  10. Setting your own shortcuts (4 min)

New features in Krita 3

Duration: 68 min 25 s

Krita 3 brought so many new features to the program, we’re going to take a whole chapter to look at them.

  1. Overview of the new features in Krita 3 (4 min)
  2. Instant Preview, the new rendering engine (5 min)
  3. Intro to the grid, guides and snapping (3 min)
  4. Using the Grid (8 min)
  5. Using the guides (5 min)
  6. Snapping tools overview (9 min)
  7. Create a comic strip's layout - part 1 (8 min)
  8. Create a comic strip's layout - part 2 (7 min)
  9. Working with the new layers docker (8 min)
  10. Tagging and filtering layers (5 min)
  11. Using the new shortcut editor (7 min)

The 2d game asset workflow

Duration: 57 min 52 s

We’re going to talk about the few broad steps that every professional follows creating game assets: concept art, blocking, refine and polish.

  1. Overview of the game asset creation process (8 min)
  2. The game asset workflow: Concept 1 - Learning (12 min)
  3. The game asset workflow: Concept 2 - Thumbnailing (7 min)
  4. How to block in a game sprite in Krita (9 min)
  5. 3 techniques for game asset blocking in Krita (9 min)
  6. Refining the game asset in Krita (8 min)
  7. Polishing a game sprite with Krita (5 min)

Animation with Krita 3

Duration: 26 min 58 s

This last chapter will get you started animating with Krita 3.

  1. How to use Krita's animation tools (11 min)
  2. Onion skinning (4 min)
  3. Overview of the traditional animation process (8 min)
  4. Extra tips: navigate menus faster with the keyboard (4 min)

Nathan Lovato

I'm a courteous game designer, with a taste for open source. I'll share all I know.