30 Days of Godot Tutorials

by: Nathan Lovato on: May 2017

Daily tutorials brought to you for Free, as part of the Make Professional 2d games with Godot Kickstarter campaign

Intro To Monster Design For 2d Games

by: Nathan Lovato on: Feb 2017

Learn monster design for video games in this free tutorial series! We’ll use Mario and Final Fantasy XIV as references.

Intro to the Godot game engine

by: Nathan Lovato on: Feb 2017

Learn the basics of the Godot game engine and make a simple platform game prototype.

Free Krita Tutorial For Game Artists

by: Nathan Lovato on: Feb 2016

Learn how to use Krita, a free award-winning painting program. This 6 hours long tutorial series is completely free!

Discover Game Art Quest

This course will show the techniques professionals use to create beautiful game art with Krita, a free painting program.

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