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Make Professional Painterly Game Art with Krita

Do you want to become a better game artist? To learn how professionals make beautiful sprites? In this workshop, I will show you how to create your own game assets using Krita, a powerful, free and open source painting program.

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  • Learn game art with Krita
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  • Art theory
  • Krita techniques
  • Game art demos
  • + Essentials
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  • Exclusive tutorials
  • Step-by-step assignments
  • PDF Courses
  • Priority support
  • Premium Discord chat
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What will I learn in this course?

On top of that, if you buy the premium version, you will get step by step exercise sheets and create your own game mockup, ready to use in the game engine of your choice!

Check out this free video from the course and get a sense for the content:

The training is available in 3 versions


For the occasional painter and those with a limited budget.

The essential content from the training. You will get the more practical videos, everything related to actually producing the game assets.


The most popular option. For hobbyists, students and aspiring professionals.

Get all of the essentials, plus:

  1. Fundamental training on the principles of design
  2. Techniques to make nondestructive selections in Krita
  3. Video demos based on the art of the games Pankapu and Seasons: After Fall


For those who want to go in depth.

You get everything from the Essentials and Pro versions, plus:

Creation process of 2 characters including the sketch, the blocking and the final sprite


You have some experience with drawing and digital art. If you don’t know how to use Krita, I made a FREE Krita tutorial series. It’s more than 6 hours long! In this course, you will learn the tools you need to work comfortably and efficiently with the program.

Krita is an award winning, free and open source painting program. It is available on all desktop platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux). You can download it on the Krita foundation’s website.

To those who made this possible

I want to thank the 424 Kickstarter backers who made this project possible from the bottom of my heart! Thanks to these persons, tens of thousands of people got hours of free education for Krita, and many discovered this wonderful program. This would not have been possible without you. GDquest would not have been possible without you. Many thanks!

Release notes

The course is currently in early access. Updates every week! You'll find the full changelog below.
Click here to see the release notes

Version 1.1 - April 8

  • Added a video introduction and a conclusion to the course

Version 1.0 - Final release

  • 32 video tutorials in the premium version
  • 15 assignments in total

Version 0.9 - March 16

  • 3 new videos: Painting the tree trunk, Painting leaves the smart way, How to make animated brushes to paint leaves faster
  • 2 premium assignments: Character concept art, Character sprites

Version 0.8 - March 9

  • 5 new videos: Isolate layers (pro), What’s the right resolution for your sprites (pro), How to paint the eye (part 2), Painting a tiling road texture, Painting a lovely shrub

Version 0.7 - March 2

  • 3 videos: character concept art and sprite creation process

Version 0.6 - February 23

  • 1 video about my process for concept art
  • 1 concept art assignment

Version 0.5 - February 16

  • 2 videos about the concept art of our game
I was at FOSDEM and the first Godot Convention in Brussels from the 3rd to the 8th of February, that’s why there was exceptionally no release last Thursday

Version 0.4 - February 2

  • Painting a game character inspired by Pankapu (premium)
  • Making our game’s concept art
  • 1 assignment and 1 course document (premium)

Version 0.3 - January 26

  • 5 tips to achieve a painterly style
  • Painting a game character inspired by Seasons: After Fall

Version 0.2 - January 19

  • Color contrast: Following on Value Contrast, we explore its colored counterpart, Color Contrast. This video focuses on the components of colors, and it will explain to you why certain tones blend together or clash again one another.
  • The Global Selection Mask: ever wondered how to transform and paint selections in Krita? You have to use the global selection mask, which is hidden by default.

Version 0.1 - January 12

  • Value contrast: Get a deep dive in an essential principle that we’ll use to make our game assets
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