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Krita Brushes For Game Artists

Do you want to become a faster artist with Krita? Here are my best Krita brushes, a complete set designed by a professional game artist, for game artists and illustrators alike. It contains presets for pixel art, blending, shading, clouds, rocks, plants, and more!

The Krita brushes will help you to work faster, and allow you to focus on your art. It is a bloat free brushkit, filled with efficient drawing tools. Not only that: every month, you get a new batch of useful presets and learning material.

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  • 39 presets
  • 1 tutorial
  • 2 pdf documents
  • FREE
Brushes icon standard
  • 73 presets
  • Monthly updates
Brushes icon standard
  • Natural media set
  • 6 video tutorials
  • Priority support
  • + Standard content

Version 13 (April 2017) contains:

The premium tier adds:

Brushes thumbnails comparison

The new thumbnails in version 13

I take my time to design the presets and ensure that they are worth adding to the pack. I also use them in my daily work so they are tested thoroughly in all kinds of configurations.

What other artists have to say

Thumbnails painted with Krita by Živko Kondić

Zhillustrator writes: «Nathan’s brush set has some essential brushes for digital painting that will ease your way into Krita’s powerful brush engine. My favorites in the pack are the mix and smudge brushes. Honestly, if you like the Lite set, it’s worth it, Krita is going somewhere.»

See more of Zhillustrator’s work on Artstation

Free Krita brushes

The best part? There is actually a free, smaller version of this set, so you can try it out for yourself. Click here to download the free Krita brushes


Version 14 - July 2017

See the full release notes: 4 new vegetation presets

Version 13 - April 2017

Version 12 - March 2017

9 new brushes, including a watercolor sponge, an oil paint brush, chains, and more!

Version 11 - February 2017

New brushes

New premium brushes

Improved brushes

Version 10 - January 2017

Version 10 is a maintenance update. It comes with 4 new presets, but also 11 existing brushes got better! Performance improvements, improved feel… a good way to prepare major changes coming over the next few updates. As on every other month, I released 7 new free Krita brushes in the.

New brushes

Improved brushes

Version 9 - Dec 2016

Version 8 - Nov 2016

Version 7 (Oct 2016)

Version 6 (Sep 2016)

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