Become a Better Game Designer

I will show the techniques professionals use to create games and beautiful sprites with Free, Open Source Software.

A diagram showing the condition "hit", linked to the word "damage", next to the Godot engine and Kickstarter logos

Godot Course Kickstarter Next Monday

It's happening! On Monday, May 22, GDquest will be on Kickstarter to fund the first professional game creation course for Godot 3!

May 2017 / news / 520 words

A stylized painting of Pepper and Carrot, 2 characters by David Revoy, over a blue background

New Krita Game Art Course Out!

Learn to make cartoon shaded game characters with this new Krita course. It also includes tutorials about art fundamentals.

May 2017 / news / 116 words

A stylized painting of Carrot, an orange cat, over a blue background

Make Cel Shaded 2d Characters With Krita

The second Krita game art course is out on May 9. Meet Pepper and Carrot, the 2 heroes of the webcomic by David Revoy, and learn cartoon game art!

May 2017 / news / 280 words