What I'm doing now

Last update on April 9, 2017

I am near Switzerland, in the French Alps.

Lately, I’m:

  • Building a mini game art series about cel shaded art with Krita
  • Preparing a Kickstarter campaign for a game design course
  • Writing articles as a freelancer to pay the bills
  • Coding a blender add-on to make videos efficiently
  • Working on the GDquest Krita brushes
  • Improving this website
  • Studying Japanese grammar and kanji
  • Trail running and chinese boxing
  • Occasionally writing hip-hop songs

I’m doing most of that, trying to make a living off my work so I can keep supporting open source game creators in a direct way: providing professional grade education for those tools, both paid and free.

I’m open to opportunities, especially if you need somebody to create interesting tutorials. If you’re a fellow Youtuber, I love to do collab videos. It’s fun, motivating, and people seem to love that. So feel free to drop me an email!

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Nathan Lovato

I'm a courteous game designer, with a taste for open source. I'll share all I know.

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