About GDquest

Do you want to become better at game creation? This might just be the right place for you.

Game Design Quest, or GDquest, is an educational resource for game creators. I share the techniques I’ve learned working as a designer for several years. I work hard to make it easier for you to learn new tools. Students, indies, hobbyists: everyone’s welcome!

I create tutorials weekly, but not only. I also make tools to help you work more comfortably or productively, and answer many questions on Youtube or Discord.

Affiliates and collaborations

I create tutorials and resources for open source programs. You can find the catalogue in the Gumroad shop. If you’re interested in becoming an affiliate or need someone to write tutorials for you, please send me an email!

Get in touch!

There are a few ways for you to reach me:

  • Discord is the best place for questions or support. That’s where the community and I hang out, and if I’m away, other creators will be around.
  • Twitter is nice to share short messages and pictures.

Curious to know what I’m focusing on lately? Check out GDquest’s now page.