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On GDquest, you will find dozens of free tutorials to improve your 2d game art skills. They cover a wide range of techniques that professionals use in their daily work. All that using Krita, a powerful open source program.

Let’s head on to the course and learn 2d game art!

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June update: the Randa meetings

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June has been a busy month. I went to the biggest yearly KDE development sprint in Randa, Switzerland, along with a few dozens of programmers, and made a series of tutorials on Krita 3's new features.

May update: Krita brushes and ConciseCSS

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May has been a busy month. I did my best to keep up with everyone on social networks, to give a hand to the Krita developers, with their Kickstarter campaign… But I didn’t take the time to write longer news posts like this one. Time to share the news for this month!

What’s New in Krita 3.0? Krita Review

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Krita 3.0 is a major update to an already powerful application. New rendering engine, animation toolset, grid, guides, snapping... there's a long list of new tools for you to discover. Let's explore them together in this article!

Hugo Tips: Concatenate paths with variables

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Have you ever wondered how to access a file from your database based on a variable in your front matter in Hugo? This tutorial will show you how to achieve that using the index function.

Recommended graphic tablets

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On this page, you can find a list of the graphic tablets I recommend for Game Art Quest. Flat tablets are perfect for everyone to start with at a low price, while screen tablets are a better fit if you do a lot of line work.

GDquest news and Krita 3.0 pre-alpha 3

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A lot has been going on lately. I'm done with all of my contracts, and now working full time on Game Art Quest, the Krita training series. In this post, I'll tell you what I'm going to release next and what were the results of the community vote. We're also taking a look at the new pre-alpha of Krita 3.0!

The training has moved!

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Hi! If you’re here, you’re certainly a backer of the Game Art Quest Kickstarter campaign. I moved the course to Gumroad, the same place where you got your premium brushes. Thanks to that change, you can now download the tutorials to watch offline! I sent your personal coupon code via email so you can get an instant free access. How to redeem your coupon In the email, you will find a link that will automatically apply your coupon for you.

Vote for future free tutorials! 2016

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06-2016 update: Voting is over! You were more than 400 to vote on the series you want to see on GDquest. Here are the top 3 results: Overview of Godot 2 (249 votes) Painting rock and grass tiles for 2d games (141 votes) Human proportions, from reality to games (119 votes) Let your voice be heard Up until now, the tutorials have been a bit random on GDquest. I jumped from theme to theme based on your requests or ideas I had.

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I'm Nathan, a professional game designer. I'm the author of GDquest, a Youtube channel filled with tutorials about game art and game design. And I'm building a community around game creation and open source software. The website will be a hub for the community and open source assets.