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On GDquest, you will find dozens of free tutorials to improve your 2d game art skills. They cover a wide range of techniques that professionals use in their daily work. All that using Krita, a powerful open source program.

Let’s head on to the course and learn 2d game art!

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Back from japan, back to work

I’ve been traveling around the country for a bit less than a month, and the experience was incredible. A great occasion to improve in Japanese. But now it's time to get back to GDquest and produce new tutorials for you.

Nov 2016 / News / 735 words

 Summer sunset

Summer Update

It has been a while since the last behind the scenes post. Time for a batch of fresh news about Krita, GDquest, and everything alike.

Sep 2016 / News / 1218 words

 Randa's surrounding mountains

June update: the Randa meetings

June has been a busy month. I went to the biggest yearly KDE development sprint in Randa, Switzerland, along with a few dozens of programmers, and made a series of tutorials on Krita 3's new features.

Jun 2016 / News / 854 words

 May brushes release

May update: Krita brushes and ConciseCSS

May has been a busy month. I did my best to keep up with everyone on social networks, to give a hand to the Krita developers, with their Kickstarter campaign...

May 2016 / News / 755 words

 The Krita brushes

What’s New in Krita 3.0? Krita Review

Krita 3.0 is a major update to an already powerful application. New rendering engine, animation toolset, grid, guides, snapping... there's a long list of new tools to discover. Let's explore them together in this article!

May 2016 / Krita / 2433 words

Hugo Tips: Concatenate paths with variables

Have you ever wondered how to access a file from your database based on a variable in your front matter in Hugo? This tutorial will show you how to achieve that using the index function.

Apr 2016 / Development / 511 words

Recommended graphic tablets

On this page, you can find a list of the graphic tablets I recommend for Game Art Quest. Flat tablets are perfect for everyone to start with at a low price, while screen tablets are a better fit if you do a lot of line work.

Mar 2016 / Hardware / 301 words

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I'm Nathan, a professional game designer. I'm the author of GDquest, a Youtube channel filled with tutorials about game art and game design. And I'm building a community around game creation and open source software. The website will be a hub for the community and open source assets.